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Most Popular Hydra Cranes

Market trends

The market preference for Hydra cranes is tending towards eight-tyre based, front operator cabin and boom mounted wheel operated steer, Hydraulic mobile cranes. The pros and cons of this emerging trend are presented by EQUIPMENT INDIA. Hydra series articulated, tyre mounted, hydraulic mobile, pick-and-carry cranes have been the most popular lift and reach equipment in India, for the past several decades. Apparently the rental market for such cranes is still growing. A revisit to this rental segment reveals significant changes and new trends emerging, as a consequence of more serious safety issues attributable to this equipment

Market trends Nowadays, the tractor-based articulated, tyre mounted, hydraulic mobile, pick-and-carry cranes are not being preferred by the end-users. In fact, large and medium construction contractors like Tata Projects, L&T ECC and others have banned the use of such cranes at their project sites like elevated metro projects. Operational safety is the prime reason for this ban because this crane topples while in operation at sites which specially have very rough and undulated underfoot conditions. Over 3,500 units of such cranes with lifting capacity in the range of 8-14 tonne are still operational in the market. Most cranes are used for loading and unloading of operations in smooth underfoot environment like urban areas, material stock yards and by small contractors who are less safety conscious.

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