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Q.1 A train travelling at 36km/h accelerates uniformly at 2m/(s)2.Calculate its velocity after 5 seconds.

20 m/s  23 m/s

Q.2 A train travelling at 72 km/h decelerates uniformly at 2m/(s)2.How much time does it take to stop?

10s  8s

Q.3 A ball is released from a height above the ground.Calculate the velocity of the ball after 5 seconds.Acceleration due to gravity is equal to 9.8m/(s)2.

60 m/s  49 m/s

Q.4 A ball is thrown vertically upwards with an initaial velocity of 49m/s.In how much time will the ball reach the maximum height?Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8m/(s)2.

5s  8s

Q.5 A bullet is fired vertically upwards with a velocitybof 196m/s.Calculate:(i) the maximum height reached by the bullet,and(ii) the time taken to reach the maximum height.Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8m/(s)2.

(i)2000m  1960m

(ii)30s  20s

Q.6 A cyclist accelerates at 1m/(s)2 from an initial velocity of 3m/s for 10s.Find the distance covered by the cyclist in 10 seconds.

100m  80m

Q.7 Washing soda is

sodium chloride  hydrated sodium carbonate

Q.8 Diamond is chemically

mixture of metal carbonates  pure carbon

Q.9 Lime water contains

sodium hydroxide  calcium hydroxide

Q.10 The sum of three consequtive even numbers is 36.What is the smallest number among the three numbers


Q.11 The 6th term of the arithmetic series 5,7,13,17... is

21  25